Let us support you on your journey to realize your dreams.

Our Services

We provide consultation and coaching services for students in Thailand and other countries who are interested in studying abroad. We specialize in those pursuing higher education, including but not limited to programs offered by colleges and universities. We are also well versed in advising those seeking double degrees, and encourage motivated students to consider them as an effective way to gain valuable experience in a short time-frame.

We will help you reach your goals through...

Step 1 - Initial Consultation (in-person in Bangkok/ online)

We want to learn more about you. One or more of our consultants will speak with you to help us understand your strengths, your passion, your background and your goals 

Step 2 - Research  

Based on the information you give us in the online form and during this consultation, we will make a research and will be able to suggest universities and programs most suitable for you.

Step 3 - Customized strategy (in-person in Bangkok or online)

We will walk you through the practical steps of applying to your dream universities, and work together with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your specific needs. By the end of this step, we will have agreed on which universities and programs you would like to apply for, as well as what services are included in your personalized package.

Step 4 - Preparation

We will guide you through the application process while prioritizing your individual needs. You may choose to include these services in your personalized package:

Strategy Consultation

We can assist you in exploring your strengths, weaknesses, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We can help you discover the best parts of you, what you are passionate about, and what you have to offer. We can help you find your voice and tell your best story as you build your application. 

Writing Consultation

We are happy to give feedback on and improve your existing portfolio, resume, cover letter, statements of purpose, or essays, or work with you to develop one from scratch. We may also suggest areas or activities that you can work on and improve to strengthen your application. As we believe in self-development and integrity, we cannot write your application for you. 

English and Exam Prep Tutoring Services

CIGAM specialized tutors provide specialized tutoring services, including sessions with a focus on writing skills, exam preparation, and interviews. You may also choose to use these sessions to work on your application with an English tutor, and then share your progress with our strategic team for feedback tailored to your overall application.  

Step 5 - Application process

We will guide you through the application process to your dream university while prioritizing your individual needs.

Step 6 - Additional Services

At any point, you may purchase additional sessions of any of the above services if you would like more assistance than initially agreed on in your personalized package.

Day-to-day Living

After you have enrolled at a university, we are able to provide advice about living in a foreign country. We can walk you through the travel documentations that you would need, the differences in culture, and suggest accommodations, food and entertainment in the area that you would be living in. We remain available to support you if you would like to reach out to us during your studies.