We understand — our consultants were students just like you.

Our Beliefs

CIGAM is an educational consulting agency that firmly believes in the value of education. We believe that good education in a supportive and suitable environment provides opportunities for meaningful personal and professional growth and builds a strong foundation for further successes in life.

This belief stems from the experiences of our founders who, after having grown up in Russia, Thailand, and Uzbekistan, have studied overseas at various universities in France ( L’École des hautes études commerciales de Paris: HEC Paris), Russia (Moscow State University: MSU and Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas), the United Kingdom (University of St Andrews) and the United States (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT), and returned with newfound confidence, knowledge and perspectives.

We believe in the importance of expanding the opportunities to study abroad, and we strive in guiding students to choose and walk the paths that are right for them. We hope to create a lasting change in the world through empowering our students, one individual at a time.

Our Mission


We encourage students to explore their passions and visualize their life goals, as well as identify ways to achieve those goals and enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding experience abroad.


We help students develop and enhance their skills that would be applicable lifelong such as self-confidence, knowledge acquisition, effective communication and skills mastery.


We motivate students to realize their full potential and develop a growth mindset to prepare themselves for professional settings.


We provide knowledge and guidance throughout the entire process - from choosing the right university to moving abroad. We also provide practical advice for day-to-day living in a foreign country.

Our Admissions

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