“Pursuing my double degree was a priceless experience…”

— CIGAM co-founder and consultant

Why Pursue a Double Degree?

CIGAM encourages students to achieve their full potential and choose the path that is right for them. For some highly motivated students, a double degree may be an attractive option. A double degree program allows a student to earn two degrees from two different universities concurrently — this usually requires much less time and financial investment than it takes to earn them separately.


Graduating with a double degree distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd, and instantly communicates to employers that you are an ambitious and proactive candidate. Companies associate a double degree with the flexibility, diligence and self-discipline to thrive in a professional setting, which are all positive qualities that they look for in a candidate.

Cost Efficient

Double degree programs allow you to earn two degrees from two universities at a much lower cost than earning those degrees separately. In fact, the tuition fees and the required time investment in many double degree programs are competitive with those in traditional programs that only offer one degree. When factoring in other expenses, such as the cost of living in some cities, the total cost in pursuing a double degree might even add up to a lower price tag.

Well-Rounded Education

By choosing to pursue a double degree, you will gain access to educational resources from both universities. Not only is the curriculum jointly developed with valuable input and perspectives from each university, but you also have access to more educational and career oriented opportunities, such as a much larger variety of research and internship positions.

Living Experience

Earning a double degree abroad means that you have the opportunity to experience life in not just one, but two different countries. Immersing yourself in a different culture with different values and beliefs allows you to broaden your perspective, be inspired by new ways of thinking, and learn to connect with those who hold different beliefs from you. At the same time, you may find that you return having developed your confidence and a stronger sense of self.

Professional Connections

Many connections last a lifetime -- and you will have many more opportunities to form meaningful connections with passionate and like-minded individuals when you spend time at two universities. During each part of your journey, you will encounter new classmates, professors and professionals in your field, each with the capacity to enrich your life with their own passions, strengths and points of view. And once you graduate, you will be able to reap benefits from being part of two alumni networks.